Alaskan Hunting and Fishing, Buck Williams

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  " I came to Buck's with my first cousin, his son, and my 14 year old. From the moment we arrived, to the day we took the plane out, Buck and his staff treated us like family. The accommodations were comfortable, the food was great, but most importantly we caught silvers from the moment we got there to the time we left. Having lived in Alaska for ten years in the mid eighties, I know the difference between a professional guide and someone who just tells you where to fish. Buck's operation is first class all the way. "

Judge Chip Vandiver


  "I have known Buck Williams for over twenty seven years. I have shared many days in the bush hunting with him and learning much along the way. Buck is an ethical and very competent man to hunt with. His confident manner and earnest ability to convey to the hunter what needs to be accomplished makes any hunt easier and more enjoyable.

  It took me awhile to appreciate the sincere talent for the art of hunting that Buck displays due to his down to earth manner and approach toward the people he hunts with. This is an important distinction. Buck does not just guide, he will make you aware that your experience in the bush is just as important to him as it is to you.

  I am proud to call him friend and only regret that I have not had the opportunity to bear hunt with the man. His sense of humor will help fill the empty hours when game does not move and his professionalism will seal the deal when the time arrives."

Wes Pickard

  Buck Williams is a great Moose guide and caller. He guided me on my 2003 Moose hunt on the Alaska Peninsula and called in an awesome bull moose from over a mile away. He let out one lone cow call and called in a smaller moose as well as the one taken. I would recommend him as a moose guide as his ability to call them in is phenomenal.

Rhea Tinkham


  Buck; Want you to know as well as all your folk `s in your remote modern village how much I enjoyed my stay, it`s one which I will never forget, for a old combat veteran now at the age of 83 yrs., having fished since the age of 6yrs., you have it all, and what a family as well,that guide daughter Annie I`ll pick any time as my squad leader. If my health hold out, I will return. My best to all the fine folks I had a pleasure in meeting.

Your Friend Forever
Joe Porcarelli
T or C, New Mexico USA

 Thank you for the many wonderful and exciting times I have shared with you and your guides. I have hunted from the hot outback in Australia for Water buffalo to the freezing Arctic for polar bear and a lot in between. I have never been shown a better time or treated more like family than when I hunt with you. I have come to expect good equipment, decent food, hunting areas that produce and guides that will go the extra mile (when I do). You have always offered this and when the weather was bad, animals uncooperative or unforeseen bad luck has befallen us. You have always made the best out of a bad deal, picked us up by the boots straps, cut our losses and continued on. I was so grateful to you when after one brown bear hunt went south, you made it possible for me to return and find success. It is hard to find a business man these days where a handshake means something. It is also hard to find an outfitter who has enough faith in his guides to allow a hunter equipped with an iron sighted handgun to hunt brown bear. I had what will probably be the most exciting and danger filled day any one can have in the hunting fields (and live thru it.) Thanks to you and your staff I have memories that few get to experience.

I am now thinking back on that trip and how exhausted I was returning to camp struggling under the load of the back pack. We had walked from daylight to dark and had used all our adrenalin reserves that afternoon against an animal who was certainly higher up the food chain than we were. Now we struggled one step at a time thru howling winds and cramping muscles to make camp before midnight and as I sat down one more time pulling on my hip waders to cross the last river, gulping down blue berries stems, leaves and all just to gather enough strength to make it one more mile. The thought occurred to me that I felt sorry for anyone who wasn't me that day.

I look forward to hunting with you again!

Kind Regards
Robbin Blakeley
Sheridan Wyoming