Williams Guides and Kennels, Ekwok, Alaska

 In order to get the most from your trip, you will want to prepare some items before arrival.

Fishing :
Bring warm clothes, June through August temperatures can range from 40 degrees at night to 70 degrees during the day. Please feel free to contact Williams Guides and Kennels with any questions you may have.

Hunting Equipments List :
01. Sleeping bag good quality (I prefer polargard, qualofill, ect. over down).
02. Over sized rain jacket (I prefer hellyhansen or grunden).
03. Hip boots or chest waders (I prefer the breathable style chest waders with wading boots).
04. Back pack big enough to pack sleeping bag, plus change of clothes for over night.
05. Rifle 30-06 or bigger Cal. ,with soft case.
06. 3 boxes ammo no. hand loads.
07. Good quality field glasses.
08. Flashlight (I prefer head lamp style).
09. Camera with extra batteries, film ect.
10. Enough dry bags for all clothes, sleeping bags ect.
11. Good cold weather jacket.
12. Ball cap, and cold weather hat.
13. 5 pair long underwear tops and bottoms, no cotton.
14. 10 pair wool, or wool bend socks, again no cotton.
15. 4 shirts, goretex ,polar fleece, wool. ect. no cotton.
16. 4 pair of pants goretex, polar fleece, wool ect. no cotton.
17. Wool mittens, water resistant gloves.
18. Sheth case style knife.
19. Ground mat (I prefer therma rest style).
20. Packable fishing rod with reel.
21. Spotting scope and tri-pod (optional).

Confirm your booking with a 50% deposit, the balance is due
30 days prior to your fishing and/or hunt date.